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ArtiMed Participates at JP Morgan's RESI Conference in San Francisco

ArtiMed Participates at JP Morgan's RESI Conference in San Francisco

January 14, 2023

Baltimore, MD - ArtiMed, a leading provider of advanced medical risk stratification solutions, proudly announces its participation in JP Morgan’s Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference. The conference, held in San Francisco, CA, served as a significant platform for ArtiMed to connect with potential investors, strategic partners, and industry experts in the digital health and FinTech SaaS sectors.

RESI, known for its cross-border and cross-domain approach, offered ArtiMed an exceptional opportunity to showcase its groundbreaking technology and engage with investors. As a participant in the conference, ArtiMed was able to present its unique medical risk stratification solutions to an esteemed audience, demonstrating the company's commitment to advancing.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the RESI JPM conference," said Dr. Ali Afshar, CEO at ArtiMed. "This platform allowed us to connect with potential investors who understand the value and impact of specialized medical risk stratification in different customer segments. We believe that our innovative solutions will have a meaningful impact in assessing and managing population and individual health risks, and the RESI conference was an ideal setting to showcase our vision and build valuable relationships within the industry." With its successful participation in the conference, ArtiMed is poised to accelerate its growth, secure strategic partnerships, and attract the necessary investments to further develop and expand its groundbreaking solutions.

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