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ArtiMed Seeking Partnerships and Collaboration at Biotech Showcase 2023

ArtiMed Seeking Partnerships and Collaboration at Biotech Showcase 2023

January 12, 2023

Baltimore, MD - ArtiMed, a provider of advanced medical risk stratification solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Biotech Showcase 2023. The conference, renowned as one of the year's most significant investor gatherings in the life sciences and biotech domains, will feature corporate presentations, plenary sessions, and workshops addressing various business opportunities and therapeutic areas.

The Biotech Showcase will take place alongside the esteemed JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, solidifying its position as a premier event in the biotech and pharma industries. The Biotech Showcase offers an unparalleled platform for ArtiMed to connect with a diverse range of companies, from early-stage to later-stage, and public biotech and pharma organizations. By participating in this prestigious event, ArtiMed aims to highlight its groundbreaking medical risk stratification solutions and engage with potential investors, strategic partners, and industry experts.

"We are thrilled to be part of the Biotech Showcase 2023," said Dr. Ali Afshar, CEO at ArtiMed. "This conference presents a unique opportunity for us to showcase our medical risk stratification solutions to a diverse and influential audience. We believe our technology can create significant value to our clients, and the Biotech Showcase provides an ideal platform to share our vision and connect with key stakeholders in the industry."

ArtiMed's participation in the Biotech Showcase reinforces its commitment to advancing medical risk stratification and driving innovation in the biotech and pharma sectors. By engaging with industry leaders and potential partners at the conference, ArtiMed aims to further enhance its offerings, expand its network, and secure strategic collaborations that will accelerate its growth trajectory.

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