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ArtiMed Seeks New Partnerships at Insurtech Insights Conference in New York City

ArtiMed Seeks New Partnerships at Insurtech Insights Conference in New York City

June 10, 2023

Baltimore, MD - ArtiMed, a leading specialized medical risk stratification company, recently participated in the prestigious Insurtech Insights. The conference, regarded as the USA's leading insurtech event in New York City with 6000+ attendees, brought together industry executives, insurtech startups, and investors to explore the transformative potential of emerging technologies in the insurance industry.

With the insurance industry experiencing a wave of disruption driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other innovative technologies, ArtiMed seized the opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge solutions that leverage data analytics and advanced algorithms .

During the conference, ArtiMed's team highlighted how ArtiMed's proprietary technology empowers insurers to make more informed and accurate underwriting decisions, creates value to workers’ comp and employee absence stakeholders, and lowers the cost for post-COVID conditions. "We are thrilled to have participated in the Insurtech Insights conference and had the opportunity to share ArtiMed's groundbreaking advancements in medical risk stratification," said Dr. Ali Afshar, Chief Strategy Officer. "We look forward to forging new partnerships and driving positive industry transformation as a result of this conference." ArtiMed's participation in the Insurtech Insights conference further strengthens its commitment to shaping the future of insurance through data-driven insights and artificial intelligence-based technological innovation.

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